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Jennifer Bullen


Embodiment and Somatic Healing Coach. Body image whisperer. Diet Culture REBEL. Energy dealer. Feeling feeler. Story holder. I help you FEEL more and HEAL deeper. Jennifer Bullen is the founder of Rising Strong Wellness. Jen, a somatic healing coach, is passionate about helping individuals overcome trauma and achieve wholeness through body-focused techniques. She strongly believes in the body's capacity for healing and the importance of listening to the stories it holds. Driven by a deep-rooted belief in the body's ability to heal, she reveres the stories woven within each individual and listens to their whispers with utmost care. Somatic healing, Jennifer's preferred modality, emphasizes feeling through issues rather than merely talking about them. Jen uses various techniques, including trauma-sensitive yoga, dance, and art, and encourages connection with nature. Her holistic approach to health counseling encompasses the whole being, examining stress levels, digestion, sleep patterns, hormones, and life experiences. This all-encompassing method aims to kindle the healing of the mind and body, spark vitality, and nurture nervous system health. Jennifer also practices Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine that promotes a holistic, nature-connected lifestyle. Her unique expertise lies in supporting those navigating the path of trauma, body image issues, disordered eating, and movement patterns.



  • What is somatic therapy?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save ‘Soma’ is a Greek word for ‘the living body known from within’, or known to the Self. This ‘knowing’ signifies wholeness. Somatic therapy is an experiential approach towards mindbody integration. The pain, overwhelm, and coping responses manifested by trauma take us away from feeling at home in our body, and as a result there is often a split within ourselves. Somatic Therapy helps: • Restore the body as a place of safety while helping to expand the capacity to process body (preverbal and nonverbal) memory • Metabolize unprocessed emotions • Complete thwarted (incomplete) stress responses • Restore our optimal relationship to our self and the world around us. Somatic trauma therapy offers techniques for clients to sense and regulate their own physiology and states of being. This includes building more internal and external resources, building trusting and co-regulatory relationships, learning to turn inward with compassion, being invited deeper in the body, and given time and space to process the trauma. These somatics techniques unwind trauma and restore well being. THE FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE THAT HEALING AND INTEGRATION HAPPENS THROUGH OUR BODY'S PRIMAL LANGUAGE OF MOVEMENT, BREATH, AND SENSATION. ADDITIONALLY, BODY AWARENESS HELPS US ACCESS AN INTERNAL SOURCE OF WISDOM THAT GUIDES THE HEALING PROCESS AND BUILDS RESILIENCE.

  • What is trauma?

    A holistic approach to trauma defines trauma not as an event, but rather as a disruption and overwhelm to our body-mind’s capacity to adapt, thrive, and flourish. Trauma can occur when: There is too much too soon There is too much for too long There is not enough for too long Power and agency have been taken away from the person or collective. The stressors outweigh the resources available to navigate them. When our primal protective instincts, intuitions, and responses are thwarted. There is not enough time, space, or permission to heal It is essential that we consider social, developmental, and cultural factors. By not acknowledging these contextual factors we do a disservice. The symptoms of trauma may occur immediately or emerge over time from the compounding stress and challenges of processing and adapting to the experiences of life. Symptoms of trauma emerge as the body and mind attempt to cope with and resolve the stressors. The effects of trauma may include: Physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, tightness in the body, muscle tension, digestion challenges, and constrictions around the breath. Emotional symptoms such as flatness / inability to feel, fear, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, loss of choice, difficulty feeling comforted, anger, and shame. Trauma can lead to feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, and groundlessness. It interferes with our ability to feel real in body and mind, it disrupts our very sense of existence, and takes us away from the present moment.

  • What is a 1:1 session like?

    It doesn't matter if we are working together in person or virtually... you can expect compassion! We begin our time together by simply arriving. Getting present and connecting with our bodies. Each session we utilize modalities like trauma informed yoga, dance, art, breathing, EFT tapping and more to bring you to a deeper awareness of what is happening in your body and life. You will gain insights and tool to help you navigate some of life's hardest situations. You can expect a safe, accepting place where all parts of you, and all emotions are welcome.

  • How does payment work?

    I utilize a heart based payment plan or a "sliding scale." Those that can pay the full amount are asked to do so in order to provide accessible care to those that cannot at this time. We all get to heal as the collective! We all get to care for each other. This is re-evaluated every 3 months. Payment is due at the time of scheduling unless otherwise arranged. There is a no-show and late cancel fee.

  • How can I prepare for a session?

    Start with an open heart and a commitment to heal and be real! Wear something comfortable. Arrive 5 minutes or so prior to our time together just to get settled and to quiet your mind. We will take it from there.

  • How many 1:1 sessions do I need to do?

    As with anything therapeutic ... everyone is different! I recommend 6-8 sessions consistently to gain some really valuable tools. Some people find they need to continue, some people take a break and come back often, some people end there.

Hear it first hand

““I am enough.” That phrase has haunted me for as long as I can remember. I have shuddered internally every time someone repeats that saying… because it drives me to once again ask myself if that is true… am I ENOUGH? Being a part of Rise Up has given me a community of lovely women who are all trying to tackle that internal dialog about our self-worth. We are digging deep, asking ourselves tough questions, and learning to love ourselves - just as we are. Jen is such a wonderful coach, gently guiding us to freedom. She is real and authentic. She radiates light and hope in our one-on-one sessions, inspiring me to address the lies and obstacles that are holding me back from my goals. Our weekly zoom calls are so cathartic and supportive. Every day that I work through the Rise Up program brings me a step closer to believing that I am, in fact, enough. That is invaluable to me ! ”


““Jen/Rising Strong Wellness is… Empowerment. Overcoming just as you are laugh and cry good. Jen makes being human simple. She is a breath of fresh air in terms of practicing self care, sharing her truth and combining age old wisdom of body movement with healing. If you want to change yourself, your mind and your heart make the commitment to start something special with Rising Strong Wellness. You won’t regret it. “ -Julianne Lettinga MA LPC ”


““With the pressure in today’s world to look a certain way, Uprising (now Rise Up) was a much needed experience for me. If you struggle with body image issues, or are simply unhappy with yourself, Uprising is for you. It has completely changed my perspective about myself in the most positive way. For the first time ever I can say that I accept and love myself the way that I am. I have Jen Monroe to thank for that - she is a wonderful human being and has a gift to share with the world.” Kim Reeves ”


“"Uprising was a really empowering experience. It gave me an opportunity to authentically connect with other women from all different experiences who all fight the same internal fight. Jen creates a safe space to connect with our bodies and manifest change in so many ways. The yoga was connective and grounding. I'm excited to be apart of this shift in how we view ourselves and create a new space in our culture for this type of connection." ”



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